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J & K Family Outfitters LLC is a family owned and operated business who is passionate about the outdoors.  We love seeing family and friends come together to enjoy everthing the outdoors has to offer!  Our passion for the outdoors has led us to open our Pro Shop, Backyard Archery.  Here we hand craft Sniper Custom Bow Strings and take a great amount of pride with supplying our customers with a premium line of strings. We carry Elite and Quest bows as well as accessories for most all bows.

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Hunting in the Social Media Era

I can remember as a young man kneeling behind a small five point whitetail that I harvested with a rifle while my younger brother snapped a picture...
Hunting Shafts and FOC

Hunting Shafts and FOC

With all the arrow brands on the market today and every model and variation they offer, it is enough to make even the most savvy bow hunters' heads...
Understanding Bow Efficiency

Understanding Bow Efficiency

A phrase that seems to be floating around more and more with bows these days is bow efficiency.  As technology advanced over the years so have bows...
Basic Bow Stabilization

Basic Bow Stabilization

Bows and archery equipment have come a long way in the past 20 years.  Today's bows are extreme examples of engineering that are capable of efficie...
Leveling Your Sights on Success

Leveling Your Sights on Success

Leveling Your Sights On Success Here's a scenarioIt's mid November and you are settled in your tree stand for an all day hunt.  There is a ...
Beating Target Panic

Beating Target Panic

Beating Target Panic Oh no! Don't look now, it's a target!  Don't panic!  I say that joking about a problem that is pretty serious to all ar...

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From the first day I spoke with Josh I knew he was a down to earth person! His passion for detail and quality of work is far above standard! His strings are top notch and by far superior in quality!

Raymond Ottavi - Whitetail Up

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