Chris Parker

As a Florida native living in Texas, I am no stranger to adapting my hunting skills to match my surroundings. There is always trial and error when making these adjustments but I use a variety of methods to help me ease the transition no matter where I’m hunting. I am a disabled veteran of the US Army where I spent 15 years active duty and 3 years in the Texas NG. I am an avid bow and rifle hunter, father, husband, author, and blogger. I spend as much time as I can outdoors and I love to hunt. I’ve been hunting since I was 6. My early years involved running dogs or sitting in a treestand for whitetail in Florida. More recently I’ve been hunting from ground blinds in Texas. I enjoy hunting with my two teenage boys and I’ve been lucky enough to experience both of their first harvests. I have had many memorable hunts and harvests over the years; one of the most memorable was November 21, 2012, when I harvested a 154 3/8” (SCI) 14 point non-typical with split G2s. Feel free to visit my blog at