FAQs About Our Strings

What is the typical turnaround time once an order is placed?  

We advertise the strings will ship within 8-10 business days from the time the order is placed to allow for seasonal workloads and special orders.  However, under most circumstances our strings will ship within 3-5 business days.  


What is the difference between our Premium Line and our Standard line of strings? 

The ONLY difference between both lines is the end serving.  Our Premium line is served with BCY Halo while our Standard line is served with BCY #3d.  Both lines go through the same build process.


What is the difference between BCY #3d and BCY Halo? 

Both are great servings, BCY #3d is a twisted Spectra where as BCY Halo is a braided.  The Halo has a slightly smaller diameter at .014" where the #3d is around .018".  Halo tends to hold up a little better to abrasion in the hard cam areas.


What is the difference between BCY-X and 452X string material?

Both are very good materials, 452X is a very stable material due to it's higher level of Vectran but will tend to fuzz a little sooner if not regularly waxed.  BCY-X is a great material as well and is more resistant to abrasion.

Are the strings and cables prestretched?

All of our strings and cables goes through five different stages of stretching during the build process.  Within these five stages they will go through our proprietary automated DIT™ (Dynamic Impulse Technology) process.  The DIT™ process goes through three stages that helps to ensure there will be faster shoot in times and virtually no peep movement.  


Are the strings and cables served under tension?

All of our serving is applied while the strings are under 400 pounds of tension at a rate of 1200 RPM's.