Traditional Bow Strings

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Our custom built traditional endless bow strings are made from 16 strands of BCY B55 string material.  End serving is black #4 nylon.  End loops measure 2 1/4" on the top and 1 3/4" on the bottom.  Center serving is made of 62XS and has a finished center serving string diameter of 0.120".  All advertised string lengths are measured under AMO standards at 100 pounds of tension on 1/4" posts.  (String will be around 1" shorter when not under tension)  Please note that listed measurements are actual AMO string lengths and NOT the AMO length of the bow.  When choosing a length subtract 4" from you bow's AMO length.  Red nock tying thread is included with purchase.   


All strings are built after order is placed.  In most all cases strings will ship the next business day.  However, depending on work load in our shop please allow 1 to 3 business days for handling.