Deluxe Compound Bow String Builder

Deluxe Compound Bow String Builder

J&K Family Outfitters

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Go through our string build chart and customize your strings from material to string accessories to give your bow the look you want!

Our strings and cables are all pre-stretched over 300 pounds with our 3 stage DIT (Dynamic Impulse Technology) process using our proprietary automated pneumatic system.  Tension is applied to the strings through every step of our build process.  This helps to ensure zero peep movement and quicker shoot in times.  Over 300 pounds of tension is applied to the strings and cables while the serving is applied at 1200 RPM's.  Strings and cables are measured to manufacture's specs on 1/4" posts while they are under 100 pounds of tension according to AMO Standards.  The strings are then treated with a weatherproofing wax and packaged.

Though most orders will ship within 3 business days.  Please allow 8-10 business days due to build process and work load.